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We are presenting information the mainstream media is almost completely silent on. Ask yourself if 9/11 Truth is important? If there is any reason to believe the Official Story is full of holes, would you think it is imperative that the Truth be exposed? Think about what we have lost since 9/11 and what are we continuing to lose? It has been 10 years now since the tragedy of September 11th, 2001 and the answers to a lot of questions still have not been answered.

The who's and why's of 9/11 are unimportant at the moment (you will get to that soon enough), the first thing that must be discovered are the numerous facts mainstream media fails to expose.

At this point you may ask, "If there were many untold facts surrounding 9/11, why wouldn't the mainstream media report them?"

Good question! To answer that is to ask, "Why was Clinton impeached for lying about his sexual affair and why wasn't there an impeachment of a president and vice-president that lied about WMDs - a lie that now has a human cost estimated at more than 1 million (including many women and children)?" So where is the media on this issue? What is going on?

The Global 9/11 Truth Movement is growing at a rate of about 1 million a year. You will see that these concerned citizens are not crazy by any means, they have simply taken the time to look into something that is crucial at this point of time in human history and are speaking out to prevent what could be the darkest period of our existence. Have we peeked your interest enough to begin your own journey of 9/11 Truth?


The video evidence is over whelming. Much of it captured by mainstream media, but simply overlooked?

We have compiled a number of videos that lay out numerous untold facts regarding 9/11. Anyone taking it upon themselves to do their own personal investigation - drawing their own conclusions - usually weighs in favour of the 9/11 Truth Activists.

We have laid out the top films (or clips from them) on the VIDEO TESTIMONY page for you to watch. We recommend you watch them in order for best understanding of all the facts being presented.

You will hear witness testimony; victims asking questions and not getting answers; you will hear how many intellects lost their jobs for speaking out about the official story and the facts that did not add up; you will hear from scholars and professors; you will hear from pilots and aviation experts; you will hear from experts in the field of engineering and architecture (important note: the number of architects and engineers supporting the 9/11 Truth Movement has now grown to over 1500. Visit these two websites: and; you will hear from current and ex-CIA employees and other government agents questioning facts; you will hear from firemen who were on the scene in NY City describing the events of that day; you will hear from senators and congressmen/women that mainstream media won't go near; and you will hear and see so much more about this event than what you have heard and seen since September 11 2001.

In the end, you will not believe how much information has been kept from the public eye.